Village Wedding 11: First Steps As A Bride

Here Comes The Bride 2, originally uploaded by Josh and Julie.

While Eren and his best man wait at his father’s house, Mehmet sets off on the (traditionally) epic journey to secure a bride and bring her home to his son. In this case, the journey is not all that epic, since Ayşegül lives not in a distant village but just down the hillside in Eshenler, and she is not being bought, captured or traded for but rather going happily, of her own will, and fully prepared to start her new life with a fiance that she has known personally for some time now. But just as anywhere else in the world, today’s ceremonies are the reflection of yesterday’s realities, and traditional Turkish village weddings today always incorporate the triumphant journey of the bride from her parents’ home to her husband’s.

All the women in attendance are present at the bride’s departure; by contrast no men participate except the head of her family and the father of the groom. The other men attending the wedding are around the corner where the bridal car waits, ready for Ayşegül to finish her journey.

Canon EOS Rebel XTi, ISO-200, f/13, 1/200 sec.


~ by anatolianimage on June 23, 2009.

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