About Josh Wentz

My photography is a hobby to help me discover and share with others the beauty and depth I find as I travel and work in Turkey, mostly in central Anatolia. From the capital city to small towns and villages, the people, buildings, history and nature of this country are always worth sharing and remembering.

Turkey’s capital city of Ankara is currently my home, but I also enjoy the opportunity to occasionally travel through the larger Anatolian plateau and also to the coastal regions near the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean. The smaller towns and villages in these areas particularly interest me, being off the beaten path and full of interesting settings and friendly, unpretentious people. And, of course, the city of Istanbul contains more experiences and photographic opportunities than I could explore in a lifetime.

The goal of this photoblog is to share a little more of the stories, experiences, people and (occasionally) techniques that lie behind the pictures I make. After years of being an engineer and a businessman, it’s pretty hard for me to take myself seriously as an artist, so I don’t really expect you to. But hopefully that won’t keep you from enjoying the photography and the stories to be found here. Feel free to comment if you like what you see, or just want to say hi.

Many of the images featured here are available for sale through my new portfolio site at www.joshwentzphotography.com. Visit and have a look around!

3 Responses to “About Josh Wentz”

  1. Hello Hello! Looks like your looking at the same things I am! The blog looks great by the way – I hope to pick up some of these layout tricks after some time, but for now, just getting reliable internet has been enough work.

    I’m travelling through turkey now actually, writing about villages, come take a look at vladicravich.wordpress.com

    As soon as i figure out how to add a blogroll, i’ll add you to it – really beautiful photographs here.

    Also, this weekend I’ll be couchsurfing in Ankara – would love to meet up and get some coffee if you’re free. Alright, take care!

    • Hi Vladic – sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to reply until now. I just checked out your blog and it looks great, very interesting on the cultural elements – I’m looking forward to reading through some more of it. Are you still in Ankara, or have you moved on by now?

      • weirdly enough, I never even saw this reply… hmmm… but yes, I’m based in Azerbaijan right now, writing for eurasianet. I have two stories up without a byline (complicated – related to getting a visa) but otherwise I’m just bouncing around the regions reporting, which is wonderful. I’ll keep an eye on your blog and obviously welcome any thoughts you have. I’ll be in Turkey in late october if you’re around, i’d love to grab a beer.

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